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Kids & Newborn Day

And after your baby is born, there is nothing as long lasting as baby photographs that will be passed down from generation to generation. The few first days and weeks of a baby’s life are some of the most wonderful of all, a time charged with care, love and devotion. Babies grow up so quickly too, and every day there is something new to notice about them. Capturing those precious moments is amazing, and we always feel privileged when you trust us to do so. We will never let you down.

Session Only

Miraculous Art

Our professional portrait photographers have truly mastered the art of newborn photography and are expert in capturing that special miraculous something that every new baby possesses. While every day of a newborn baby’s life is special, often the best time to schedule a photographic session for your newborn is during the first two or three weeks of their life. This is the time when they are their smallest and possibly their cutest, and it’s also a time when they love to sleep, providing the perfect opportunity to capture those wonderful sleeping baby portraits that are simply unforgettable.

You may also like to be included in some of the shots. Mother and baby shots can make the perfect family portraits that will be shared across future generations recording a time and experience that every family will always look back on. Our photographers are experienced in creating wonderful baby and mother shots that our clients have described as breathtaking, and we are proud of them too.


Our studio is a calm, safe environment and you’ll feel reassured that your baby will be relaxed in our baby friendly space. Our team are patient and in fact love babies, so your precious bundle will most definitely be spoiled by the attention he or she will be paid and it goes without saying that we always ensure your baby is kept entirely safe.

Smiling baby boy in beige outfit at Fotkaplus photography studio

Session Features


Relaxed up to 1 hour photo session


Up to 3 wardrobe changes (bring your clothes)


You will be invited to come back after your session to see the best and retouched images on the big screen show

(at least a week after the session)

Final Images

One complimentary 5×7 inch print comes with every confirmed order. 


Printed photos, digital files, frames, canvas wall art, and albums are just some of the personalised image forms available during your viewing event.
With some things included, the minimum spending amount is £450, while the average spending ranges from £450 to £950 and beyond.

Session Includes

You can schedule your appointment online or get in touch with us via phone, email, or contact form.

1. Schedule

Dress in the clothing of your choosing, have our Make-Up Artist or Hairstylist pamper you (if you've chosen the beauty upgrade option), and enjoy your time with the Photographer, who will help you strike the best poses!

2. Session Day

A viewing show must be scheduled if you choose to keep your photos for yourself.

You will see the final image selection at your viewing show, which will be properly edited, retouched, and displayed on a big screen.

Following your session, a £150 deposit will be required to reserve a viewing show time.

Although this deposit is non-refundable, you can use it to offset the cost of your photo order.

3. Viewing Show

Images will be available for purchase in a number of formats, such as prints, albums, frames, art wall panels, and digital downloads.

Starting from £450 (the most minimal spend) and going up to £900+, the pricing depends on the final product type, size, or quantity decided.

The production time for the selected product will determine when your final order will be available for pickup (or delivery to your home address), which is typically within 1-2 weeks.

4. Images Order
Calm portrait of a sleeping baby at Fotkaplus photography studio

The Whole Process,

from Start to Finish

Baby Photographs To Cherish

Take a peek at the examples we can create for you below.

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