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Sensual Boudoir

Boudoir is a French word that appeared in the 18th century and meant women's room for changing clothes, sleeping or bathing. Very feminine, isn't it?

This is a unique type of photo shoot, which is aimed at revealing your femininity and preserving in the prints of your individual lines. How often do you call yourself fat / ugly / thin / not sufficiently tightened / not enough ... to underline the necessary, and in response you see the surprised eyes of those around you and they tell you that you are beautiful?

Session with Make-Up and Hair Styled 
(Ladies only)

Session Only

Professional boudoir photo shoot involves more than just banal exposure. This type of shooting requires not only professionalism and ability to emphasize the thoughtful accents of the female body and show its sexuality, but also to make it aesthetically, sensually and femininely, without disturbing the line between sexuality and vulgarity.

We will immediately clarify that a boudoir-style photosession does not imply excessive frankness, often bare parts of the body are covered with a beautiful rug or light robe-cape. Nakedness in this image plays a secondary role, giving in to positions of femininity and beauty.
Remember that each of you is beautiful in itself - a professional photographer only shows it and with light strokes emphasises your uniqueness and depth

Use a boudoir photo session as a therapy for making yourself. So you can unleash and enhance your femininity, sensuality and sexuality. And the revealed femininity changes the space around and attracts new opportunities, success and men.

Bright boudoir style portrait of a lady at Fotkaplus photography studio

Session Features

  • Relaxed up to 2 hour photo session

  • Complimentary Drink (Bubbly, Tea, Coffee or Water)


​Up to 3 wardrobe changes (bring your clothes)


You will be invited to come back after your session to see the best and retouched images on the big screen show

(at least a week after the session)

Final Images

One complimentary 5×7 inch print comes with every confirmed order. 


Printed photos, digital files, frames, canvas wall art, and albums are just some of the personalised image forms available during your viewing event.
With some things included, the minimum spending amount is £450, while the average spending ranges from £450 to £950 and beyond.

Session Includes

You can schedule your appointment online or get in touch with us via phone, email, or contact form.

1. Schedule

Dress in the clothing of your choosing, have our Make-Up Artist or Hairstylist pamper you (if you've chosen the beauty upgrade option), and enjoy your time with the Photographer, who will help you strike the best poses!

2. Session Day

A viewing show must be scheduled if you choose to keep your photos for yourself.

You will see the final image selection at your viewing show, which will be properly edited, retouched, and displayed on a big screen.

Following your session, a £150 deposit will be required to reserve a viewing show time.

Although this deposit is non-refundable, you can use it to offset the cost of your photo order.

3. Viewing Show

Images will be available for purchase in a number of formats, such as prints, albums, frames, art wall panels, and digital downloads.

Starting from £450 (the most minimal spend) and going up to £900+, the pricing depends on the final product type, size, or quantity decided.

The production time for the selected product will determine when your final order will be available for pickup (or delivery to your home address), which is typically within 1-2 weeks.

4. Images Order
Boudoir style portrait of a lady sitting on the floor  at Fotkaplus photography studio

The Whole Process,

from Start to Finish

Be yourself, Love your body, Get inspired!

Take a peek at the examples we can create for you below.

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