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Overcome camera shyness, build confidence and enjoy your photoshoot

Overcome camera shyness, build confidence and enjoy your photoshoot

Think positively

Did you know that the biggest fear or phobia of all isn’t spiders or heights, it’s public speaking? Around 30% of people are terrified of speaking in public. And it isn’t just speaking for the first time. Somebody once described the fear to me as “The first time I had to speak in public I was so terrified that I thought I was going to die, but the second time was even worse ‘cos I knew that I wasn’t going to die”. For most people who are camera shy the level of fear doesn’t reach these proportions, but camera shyness can be a significant problem and often it’s the same people who are terrified of public speaking. Some people love being in front of a camera; some people simply loath it.

Of course some people are naturally photogenic. When a camera points at them they are immediately at ease, brimming with self-confidence, and naturally looking great. People with camera shyness are the complete opposite; they are immediately awkward, they don’t know what to do with themselves, and as a result they just don’t look good in the shot. It’s nothing to do with having perfect looks; few people have those, it’s just something that goes on in their heads. But the fact is, everyone can have a perfect profile picture or portrait professionally taken that they will be happy with. Here are some tips on building self-confidence in front of the camera lens.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry

You may think that the less time you spend in from of the camera the better, but the opposite is the case. It is important not too rush things; rather you should take time to work with the photographer and relax. Professional photographers are trained in relaxing their clients, and many of us just do it naturally. Relaxed photographs make the best photographs.

Think positively

Don’t put yourself down and criticise yourself about features you might not like; instead, focus on the positive things and be happy about yourself. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but why not have a new hairdo, or even a make-over, to make you feel great. If you feel great you will look great, guaranteed.

Forget about posing

Formal poses have their place, but the best shots are often when clients are relaxed and maybe just standing around chatting to the photographer. Working with a good photographer can be a great deal of fun especially as your confidence builds. Your photographer will tell you how to pose and stay relaxed, probably including several fun shots that will make you smile naturally.

Be yourself

Do you have a favourite outfit you feel good in? Do you have a favourite colour you like to wear? If you feel good you will look good so just be yourself. Many camera shy people try to be anything but themselves when in front of the camera, but being your wonderful self will always make a wonderful shot.

Remember it’s digital

The advantage of digital photography is that we can take literally hundreds of shots from which you can choose your favourites. You are certain to like at least a few of them, and that is all you need. After you have picked your favourites, we will use post-processing to ensure that the photographs make you look great.

Feel great, look great and enjoy

We photograph camera shy people all the time and just about every one of them overcomes their camera shyness and enjoys the experience enormously. We will help you relax, feel great and look great; and you will end up with a profile picture or portrait to be proud of.

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