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Makeup Tips to Help You Look Your Best in Your Maternity Photos - Our Guide

Makeup Tips to Help You Look Your Best in Your Maternity Photos - Our Guide

The nine months spent waiting to meet your baby is one of the most significant periods of your life. It’s also one of the times that you will be photographed the most. Many expecting mothers love to have photos taken with their bumps so that they can hold on to those memories forever.

Those nearing their delivery dates often book maternity shoots so that they can have photos taken while their bump is at its largest. Given the significance of the event, it’s no surprise that ladies spend hours getting ready in the morning, ensuring that they look picture-perfect. Glowy makeup and a good base will be crucial for ensuring that you look incredible during your special photoshoot.

As photos are snapped left, right, and centre, make sure that your makeup is impeccable. Here are some indispensable tips that you can use for your maternity photo session as well as any other situation where a camera will be following you around:

1. Use flash-safe primer and setting spray

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself (or anyone) that looked like you wore the wrong shade of face powder, despite looking perfect in real life? If so, chances are that the strange hue is the result of a flashback. A flashback is a white glow caused by specific SPF ingredients in makeups, such as primer and setting spray. Unfortunately, these two products are crucial to ensuring your makeup stays on all day. How can you avoid the dreaded flashback?

If you are hiring a makeup professional, chances are that he or she is already aware of the type of products that will make you look good in photographs. If you will be doing your makeup on your own, however, you will need to select flash-safe products for photo perfection. Read the ingredients on your makeup and avoid those that contain SPF, silica, mica, zinc, or titanium. It’s always a good idea to test out your look ahead of time and do a quick flash test to see if there is a white or ghostly cast on your face.

2. Do contouring the right way

Bright lights can effectively wash out the details of your face, resulting in an unprofessional photo of you and your bump. When done correctly, contouring can help define your features and highlight your bone structure. If contouring is not your style, highlighting is often enough to add dimension to your face, making you look fantastic in those maternity shots!

3. Apply powder sparingly

Avoid applying multiple layers of powder, foundation, and concealer because your face will very quickly look cakey. This will make photos especially difficult because editing your skin to be a natural texture will be a struggle. If you have problems with oily skin, bring some blotting sheets that will absorb oil but not disturb your makeup. Additionally, choose the right powder. Avoid anything that says HD or mineral, or you’ll see the effects of the flashback effect firsthand. Choose a translucent powder that will stay flat in flash.

4. Apply a little bit heavier makeup than normal

This may not be a popular practice, but applying your glowy makeup a little bit heavier than normal will make your features stand out a bit more. This is to avoid looking washed out on photos. Consider a more vibrant colour on your eyes and lips to give your face some much-needed contrast as this will keep your face visible even in wide and long shots.


Makeup that looks perfect in real life doesn’t always translate to impeccable photos. These tips will help ensure that you look good on photographs and that you avoid some makeup disasters, such as the flashback effect, during your maternity photo shoot.

Talk to your photographer and ask about the editing protocols. Some photographers provide retouching edits, but others may charge you extra. Nonetheless, professional photographers will always be happy to address any insecurities you may have.

If you are looking for a photo studio in Edinburgh where you can get a maternity photoshoot done, try Fotkaplus! Our studio shots will capture the beautiful memories for you, your new baby, and your loved ones during this special time.

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