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How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Photo - Our Guide

How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Photo - Our Guide

The first impression that you make on LinkedIn is equally important as when you go to a job interview. One of the essential elements of your LinkedIn profile is your photo, and it matters a lot on the platform.

For one, your photo makes you recognisable, and whether you meet a LinkedIn contact in person for the first time or you connect with someone you already know on the platform, they’ll be able to recognise you easily. Furthermore, your photo humanises your LinkedIn profile.

Even so, you can’t just upload any photo of yourself that you find on your mobile phone—just like the platform itself, your photo on LinkedIn must be professional.

Here are some tips for choosing the right photo for your LinkedIn profile:

1. Choose One that Makes You Look Approachable

A professional headshot doesn’t mean it has to be bland—you can still show your spark! Select a photo that makes you look professional but at the same time, friendly. Your physical looks don’t need to be magazine-cover worthy to make an impact, so there’s no need to stress over it. Just smile, look friendly, and give off the vibe that you have everything under control in your career.

2. Choose the Photo that Makes You Look the Part

Why are you on LinkedIn? Are you looking to get hired? Or simply build professional connections? Whatever your purpose is on the platform, you need to look the part. So, choose your clothes well — and dress for the position that you want. A haircut before you have your photo taken for LinkedIn won’t hurt, either.

3. Make Sure It’s High Resolution

The ideal LinkedIn profile photo is 400x400 pixels. Avoid low-resolution images. If the picture looks blurry when you upload it, it’s better to pick a different one.

4. Choose a Photo that Only Contains You

Unless the LinkedIn profile is about a business or a partnership, then your profile photo must only contain yourself. Skip the group photo part to showcase your love for your team of whatever the reason is, always choose a solo photo for your profile picture on the platform. You might be tempted to crop a group photo but this isn’t the best solution. You don’t want potential employers to see a random shoulder in the frame.

As much as you want to take out your mobile phone and take a selfie for your LinkedIn profile photo, this isn’t really the best way to go. Your LinkedIn profile is useful in your professional life, which means that you have to establish professionally. That’s why for your profile photo, you might want to head to a photography studio to have your business photo taken.

Studio photographers that specialise in business photos can help you have an excellent photo on the professional platform. Plus, it puts you at ease that you’ll have the best professional photos of yourself—you get options, too!

Keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile photo matters, so it won’t hurt to invest in it. Just imagine the connections and the opportunities that you can get from the platform that can help your career.

If you’re looking for high-quality business portraits, check out Edinburgh-based corporate photographer, Fotkaplus Photography!

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