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A guide to Photoshoot Preparation

Updated: Mar 9

A guide to Photoshoot Preparation

Stay in contact with the photographer before the shoot

Whether they have asked you to shoot with them or you have asked them, someone has to have ideas on what you will be shooting. You will need to find out if you have to provide your own wardrobe, hairstyling, and make-up. Speaking with the photographer several times beforehand about what look you want in your photos or what look they want, will tremendously help the day of the actual shoot. Each of you will know what is expected to happen at the shoot. You will each come in with ideas and be ready to go.

Find Inspiration

Look through magazines or online to find inspiration photos. If I see an ad in a magazine and would like to do a shoot similar to it, I tear it out and put it in a folder of ideas. Many times photographers will ask you what you would like to do at the shoot…this will help in that instance. Send the photographer a copy of a couple of photos you have found, and they can try to figure out how to make it happen.

Beauty Tips

Any facial waxing needed should be done at least 2 weeks before. If a few stubborn eyebrow hairs start to come back before the shoot, they can always be plucked with tweezers. Talk to the hairstylist and find out how they would like for you to have your hair when you show up for the shoot. Some like it if your hair is one day dirty. Some prefer it is clean and slightly damp. It just depends on the hairstylist and their particular preference.

Things to avoid

Try to avoid the following items 72 hours before the photo shoot. They are known to cause oily skin and sometimes swelling.

  • Red meat

  • Alcohol

  • Heavy amounts of caffeine

  • Alpha Hydroxy Creams(cause peeling and will really show with make-up)

  • Spicy and Oily Foods

  • Sleep

Make sure to get a full 7-8 hours of sleep the two nights before a photoshoot. You don’t want dark circles or puffiness around your eyes in your photos.

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