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An Expecting Mother's Guide to Maternity Photoshoots

An Expecting Mother's Guide to Maternity Photoshoots

A common concern that most expecting mothers have is that they long to have the best maternity shoot that they could possibly ever have. However, they don’t know where to start in the planning process.

Whether you’re on your second or third trimester, it’s understandable to have a beaming sense of pride in the beautiful life that you’re about to bring into the world. This makes sense as to why a perfect maternity shoot is so important in the first place. Unless you’ve had multiple studio sessions for past pregnancies, however, it can be quite difficult to know how you can start preparing for the maternity or pregnancy shoot of a lifetime.

Now, with all the emotions, difficulties, and challenges coming in, the entire experience of arranging a pregnancy photoshoot can be hard, so we’ve got you covered with a guide that you can use to navigate the entire process. To better understand how you can make your maternity photoshoot the best experience possible and create stunning photos, let’s answer a few FAQs:

“When should I have my maternity or pregnancy photoshoot?”

Generally, the best time to schedule a session at a maternity shoot studio is from the 28th to the 32nd week of pregnancy, or the last few weeks of the second trimester. While there may be various reasons for this particular stage in pregnancy being the prime time, Edinburgh’s maternity photography experts (such as the folks at Fotkaplus) believe that this is when the baby bump is at its most adorable state.

“Where can I have my maternity photoshoot done?”

When it comes to the aspect of the location of your shoot, maternity photoshoots can be pulled off in a wide range of locations, such as on the beach, in a garden, or even at home.

If you’re looking for a more professional-looking finish in a more controlled environment, however, then it’s much more ideal to have your pregnancy photoshoot in a professional maternity shoot studio. For expecting mothers in the Edinburgh area, the best maternity shoot studio to go for is Fotkaplus because the professional photographers running the studio are skilled at pulling off various shoot themes.

“What theme could I possibly use to make my maternity photoshoot special?”

Speaking of themes, another important factor to consider when planning your maternity or pregnancy photoshoot is the type of theme or motif that you’ll follow in all your shots. If you aren’t well-versed with figuring out what theme best suits your preferences, here are a few options worth considering:

  • Black-and-white - perfect for expecting mothers who are looking to pull off a more timeless finish with a maternity photoshoot

  • Nature-oriented - should you find yourself much more infatuated with the idea of taking a “mother nature” approach to your pregnancy photoshoot, then a session in a local fruit orchard, farm, or garden it the way to go

  • Flower power - patterned after the story of Gaia, a floral-themed photoshoot helps you feel more powerful with your strong baby bump by wearing flower ornaments and accessories for a “goddess-like” feel

Final words

With your delivery just right around the corner, taking the time and effort to commemorate the special experience of pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot is one of the best ways to create immortal keepsakes to enjoy for generations. If you’re an expecting mother in the Edinburgh area that’s looking to have the best pregnancy photoshoot experience possible, get in touch with the skilled professionals over at Fotkaplus today!

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