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5 Tips to Have the Very Best Photos of You Taken - Our Photography Guide

5 Tips to Have the Very Best Photos of You Taken - Our Photography Guide

What do you think the most influential people in the world have in common? A body language that steals attention and moves people.

The way you sit and stand, the way you talk and move your hands – they all can severely impact how your message is received by the people listening to you. Just think about it, who will listen to you if you keep looking down with no confidence and talking with a soft voice?

As the world now becomes increasingly competitive, finding success is getting harder and harder. Because of this, it is time that you give yourself the right body language for your upcoming photoshoot! That way, your image can be set apart from the rest and will catch the eye of your future employer or the hearts of your audience.

Here are five tips to have the best photos of you taken:

1. Decide early on what you want

Before you head out for a photoshoot, know what kind of picture you're trying to achieve. Do you want to look sleek and professional? Do you want to look funky and comedic?

When you're able to figure out what you want, you can communicate it effectively to the photographer. That way, they will be able to set the camera up, and your pose, to achieve the desired results.

2. Be yourself and act natural

If you have the time, take the chance to take pictures of yourself doing what you love.

If you love music, have a photo taken of you and your favorite guitar. Do you love pets? Why not bring your poodle along for a picture session? Being yourself and acting natural will take off the stress and nervousness from your shoulders and allow you to have a more enjoyable photo-taking session. When you're having fun, you also become much more comfortable, meaning that you'll be able to grab better pictures.

3. Look behind the camera

There is just something about candid shots that make the emotions displayed in the picture much more genuine.

If you want people to see your smile and believe that you're happy and content, look past the camera when your pictures are being taken. In other words, don't look directly into the lens, but perhaps around it on an object that's behind. Doing so will help achieve that candid look!

4. Have a chat with the photographer

Whether you want to have a corporate headshot or a family portrait taken, you must have a chat with the photographer beforehand. This will significantly help you feel much more relaxed during the actual photo session.

Think of it as an icebreaker, where you get to know the photographer a little more. Along with feeling calmer and more relaxed, you also become much more confident because you know the person behind the camera.

5. Maintain an excellent posture

As mentioned in the introduction, posture can make or break what people think of you. If you want to look absolutely stunning in every photo, stand up straight, place your shoulder back, and tighten your stomach. Don't forget to pump your chest up a little bit as well.

Wrapping up

While anyone can go to a photography shop to have their photos taken, only the ones with the right preparations will be able to look stunning in their pictures. When you have yours taken, remember the tips we've shared with you in this article. That way, you’ll be amazed at how good you look when you look back at the pictures.

If you’re looking for a personal photographer in Edinburgh, get in touch with us today!

We’re happy to help.

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