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5 Creative Tips for Beautiful Maternity Pictures - Our Guide

5 Creative Tips for Beautiful Maternity Pictures - Our Guide

Pregnancy is such a unique and beautiful time, a season of anticipation and excitement. Having a maternity photoshoot is a meaningful way to welcome your upcoming bundle of joy. Whether you want to have it in a studio or outdoors, the goal is to focus on your baby bump and capture the emotions of this special moment.

The best time for your maternity photo session is around your 30th week. By this time, your pregnant belly is fully showing but small enough so that you can still move around comfortably. During the photo session, you’ll want to flaunt that bump in every shot and angle!

Here are five creative tips to help you achieve beautiful maternity pictures you’ll cherish forever:

1. Touch your belly

If you’re camera-shy, this is the most comfortable and natural pose you can do as a soon-to-be mom. Touch your bump with one hand on top and the other at the bottom, like you are cradling a ball. For a sweet shot, look at your belly as if you’re talking to the baby. Try different facial expressions to get different outcomes—sombre, smiling, or laughing.

Pro tip: Look at your feet and not your belly. This way, your neck will be more elongated, and you’ll avoid capturing squished double chins.

2. Include the daddy

Maternity pictures with the soon-to-be dad are also sweet and moving. Include your husband in some of the shots. One pose he can do is to stand behind you and wrap his arms around your belly. Another great idea is to have him kneel, so his head is levelled with your bump. If you’re in for a little humour, men with “dadbods” can pose with their wives as if they’re also pregnant.

3. Use props and accessories

Bring little decorations on your maternity session. They’re a great way to make your shoot lively and more creative. You can use tiny shoes, stuffed animals, books—the possibilities are endless. One tip is to use meaningful items to make your photos evoke more emotions. If you and your spouse have a favourite pillow, mugs, or other items, you can make them a part of your pregnancy story. You can even give away hints about the baby’s gender by using gender-specific toys.

4. Plan your outfit

Your dress should match the theme of maternity photos. Whether you want the photos to be rustic, bohemian, or elegant, make sure that you plan for an appropriate wardrobe. As a general rule, tight shirts or body dresses work well because they can emphasize your growing bump.

Some soon-to-be moms prefer to make their dress the highlight of the pictures to create drama. Light, flowy dresses work best for these shots because they move beautifully in the wind. Sheer fabrics or lace robes look very romantic, and they’re great for indoor sessions.

5. Involve older kids

If you already have children, they’re probably very excited to meet their baby sibling as well. Make it a family affair and involve everyone in your maternity session. Have your toddlers talk to their baby brother or sister and let them kiss or rub your belly. It’s an incredible sight to witness how much love a little baby can inspire between family members.

As a final tip, it’s best to plan your maternity photoshoot with your photographer. If you can’t personally meet them before your session, you can exchange pegs and ideas through e-mail or other messaging platforms. This way, you can prepare the necessary details, and your photographer can plan the best angles as well.

If you’re looking to have a maternity photoshoot in Edinburgh, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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