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4 Tips for Looking Professional in Business Headshots - Our Guide

4 Tips for Looking Professional in Business Headshots - Our Guide

Business portraits are essential when showcasing the professionalism of an individual - be it for portfolio uses or for portraying a company’s team members. When it comes to attaching photos for your CV, an eye-catching and quality headshot can make a world of difference in setting the first impression for your employers.

For instance, a corporate headshot may involve suits, ties, and collars for the outfit to promote a serious and reliable impression. Meanwhile, creative professionals can play around with a casual and colourful look for a more fun vibe. To that end, the tips below should guide you on how to look professional from all angles.

Tip 1: Choose Appropriate Clothing

The purpose of headshots is to capture your sense of professionalism in just one glance, which involves portraying the nature of your business using your clothing. The accessories, formality, collar, and overall choice in style will vary on your field - be it capturing a headshot for the creative industry, an insurance corporation, veterinary clinic, law firm, and more.

Tip 2: Pay Attention to Your Colour Scheme

Colour matters in business more than you think. Beyond catching attention, specific colours can evoke powerful emotions from its viewers. With that in mind, choosing the right hue to represent your field of business can go a long way in enhancing your message.

For instance, blue is often a favourite in banks or financing firms as it conveys trust. Purple, on the other hand, is a popular choice for tourism companies as it facilitates the luxury of travel and prompts a sense of adventure.

Tip 3: Know Where You Will Use Your Business Headshots

Knowing where you will utilize the headshots - whether it is for a resume, portfolio, website, or team introductions can make or mar the photographer’s choices. It can influence the entire orientation of the shot, which involves choosing between vertical, horizontal, or square. Additionally, it will also affect the appropriate background, lighting set-up, and the dominant colour of the headshot.

Tip 4: Don’t Overdo Your Make-Up

A professional headshot is all about promoting yourself as a reliable and trustworthy connection, so be sure to keep your make-up to a minimal as a natural look always works best. Keep it clean and straightforward, but if you’re worried about any blemishes, rest assured that the post process will take care of it.

In Conclusion

Creating a professional headshot is not necessarily a requirement when submitting CVs, but it can catapult your resume ahead in the game as it enhances your profile’s sense of professionalism and reliability.

Not only does a quality portrait enhance your brand image, but with the right photographer, your headshot for your CV can give you a competitive edge in the business landscape - be it for networking or standing out in a job market.

If you’re looking to take a business portrait in Edinburgh, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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