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3 Tips in Choosing the Best Newborn Photographer - What to Know

3 Tips in Choosing the Best Newborn Photographer - What to Know

Having a newborn in a family is a wonderful milestone, especially for first-time moms and dads. You want to capture every moment of your newborn’s life, and one exciting way to do it is by having a newborn photoshoot.

The idea of a newborn shoot can be thrilling for new parents. There are many fun things to plan, such as deciding a cute theme, finding the right props, and selecting the perfect baby costumes. Amid the excitement, it is important for parents to keep in mind that a newborn shoot is not all fun and games. Given how delicate babies are, parents need to be extra careful about choosing a newborn photographer.

To guide you in choosing the perfect newborn photographer, we listed below some of the things to look out for before booking your shoot.

1. They must ensure safe newborn handling practices.

Newborns are delicate creatures, which is why the photographer must know how to hold the baby in the most careful way. For example, newborn babies cannot hold their heads or their bodies alone. It’s crucial to offer support to the baby’s head or limbs when moving them to achieve a particular pose or angle. A photographer must take extra precaution in shooting the baby’s poses, and it’s often best to leave the movements to the parents.

Take note that infants are at a higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), suffocation, or injury if they are not handled carefully. The photographer should only offer recommendations, but it’s up to the parents to decide if it’s safe enough for the newborn.

2. They must have a clean and cool studio.

It’s important to have the right environment while shooting a newborn. This means that the studio should be hygienic and cool. Take note that newborns are highly sensitive to allergens and bacteria. Since they are still building up their immune system, they can easily get infected in a new environment. Because of that, it’s crucial not to let just anyone touch your baby. Make sure their hands are clean before letting them near the baby.

Additionally, newborns are prone to dehydration and overheating. Their little bodies are warmer than adults, which makes them highly irritable if the room is hot and humid. On the day of the shoot, make sure to regulate the temperature of the studio.

3. They must specialize in newborn photography.

Before you book a photographer for the shoot, check their portfolio and style. Take note that there are numerous photographers out there. However, just because they have a gorgeous wedding or bridal photos, doesn’t necessarily mean that they can produce beautiful newborn photography shoots. Newborn photography requires a different aesthetic because the subject is not the same as others.

A good portfolio must have various styles of newborn photography to choose from. When there are different sample photos, it also shows how experienced they are in that line of business.


All in all, the most critical part of choosing a newborn photographer is to make sure that they can handle the newborn properly by following safety guidelines and maintaining a clean environment. They must have good experience in the field, which should be evident in their portfolio. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clear out expectations with your photographer. It’s better to ask for extra assurance about the safety of the baby during the photography session since it’s your baby’s health and security that’s on the line.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Edinburgh, Fotkaplus is your best choice. We specialise in newborn photography, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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