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3 Photographic Moments for Bridal Shoots - What to Know

3 Photographic Moments for Bridal Shoots - What to Know

Every bride deserves a photoshoot that will not only make them feel good but also look beautiful during their special day. Different people have different personalities—some ladies will want a shoot more extravagant and fashionable while others may prefer something more casual and candid. If you’re a bride who wants to look classic and sophisticated in your gown, you need to aim for an elegant appeal.

There are many ways to use simple elements to make you look stunning at the same time. In preparation for your big day, it’s best to practice some poses in front of the mirror and imagine how you look on the wedding day itself. To give you an idea of what to expect during your bridal shoot, here are three ideas that you can prepare for before the shoot.

1. Bridal preparation shoot.

Your wedding day will be exciting, and you will feel this excitement and nervousness most during the pre-wedding preparation. The bride’s wardrobe preparation is the best time to capture how the bride transitions from being single to a married woman. It’s a time filled with emotional moments not only for the bride but for the whole entourage, especially the parents and siblings.

During this period, there are many memorable moments to capture, such as the bride getting ready with her dress or when the entourage gives each other gifts. These first few hours in the morning will undoubtedly be filled with bursts of emotions that are worth capturing. Surely, you will want to look back on these moments once you reach your marriage milestones.

2. Bridal portrait shoot.

After getting ready with your entourage, it will be time to have a photo session for yourself. Keep in mind that during the bridal portrait shoot, the photos and style will be all about the bride and no one else. The portrait shoot will showcase the bride’s most beautiful angles, and it will also be the best opportunity to show off the bride’s beauty.

During this shoot, your photographers will make sure that every angle will make you look elegant and sophisticated. You will most likely be posing with your jewellery, gown, and other accessories that have sentimental value to you or your family.

3. Bridal entry shoot.

The bridal entry shoot is the most memorable shoot throughout the wedding because it’s usually the most tearful event. One of the most emotional moments of the wedding is during the first entrance of the bride. This is the moment when the groom first lays his eyes on the bride with her beautifully elegant gown. Then, the bride will have a heartwarming hug or a pleasant exchange of words with her parents as well as the parents of the groom.

It’s an emotional time for the family and guests, and this is where many beautiful moments are worth capturing. The bridal entry shoot is also the perfect opportunity for the photographer to take shots of the venue and decorations.


When preparing for your bridal shoot, it’s essential to work with a bridal photographer who can capture your best moments and one who knows how to bring out the best in you. During your wedding day, don’t be afraid to make suggestions for a bridal shoot concept that you may like. Keep in mind that your wedding day only happens once in your married life, so make every moment count.

Bridal portraitures are one of the best ways to capture the details of your special day. If you’re nervous about not getting the right shots during the ceremony, consider a separate studio shoot. This will not only allow you to spend more time getting the photos right, but also practice smiling and posing for the real event!

Fotkaplus is a photography studio based in Edinburgh. Before your wedding, treat yourself with our Makeover Experience to capture shots that will make you feel like a queen!

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