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Perfect Profile Picture

Why you need the professional touch

Today almost everybody has a profile picture they use for in social media both formally and informally. While the kind of profile picture that you might use professionally on sites such as LinkedIn is likely to be different from one you might use on less formal social media, they have one thing in common: they have just one tenth of a second to make an impression.

Make your profile picture stand out

Extensive research has shown that we form an impression of a person from viewing their profile picture for just that tiny fraction of a second. Which is why having the perfect profile picture really is important. Of course there are things that we can’t control, for instance our age, our physical traits and our gender, but there are many things that we can, and our professional photographers are highly skilled at doing so.

First impression counts

Not only do we have just a fleeting moment to make an impression, the impression we make is highly consistent. People view the same profile picture in similar ways. For instance, different people viewing a specific profile picture will assign similar scores for perceived characteristics such as competence, likeability and influence. Essentially, as far as profile pictures are concerned, beauty is not in the mind of the beholder, it is in the quality of the picture.

We pay attention to details

Important elements of profile pictures include the eyes, the expression, the smile, the definition of the jawline, the pose, the style of dress, the lighting, and retouching. All these elements must be blended together to create the perfect shot. It takes training and experience to create a profile picture that will impress and get your message across.

Profile picture package  includes:

  • Quick photo-session – up to 30 minutes

  • Up to 10 different poses

  • One Digital Image (full resolution)

  • Ability to select final image/s on the same day

  • Option to purchase additional images (£30 per image)

  • All final images retouched and supplied via online gallery (3-5 working days production)

We guarantee that your profile image will stand out from the crowd. We will make sure that you and anyone who views your profile will be astonished how professional and appealing you look.

Get the best out of your profile picture

You might wonder what makes the perfect profile picture, and you might be tempted to try to do it yourself, but it is almost always a mistake to do so. Selfies and amateur portraits don’t make good profile pictures that impress; they are more likely to have the opposite effect. While you might get away from it on informal social media sites, we really advise you not to try it on professional sites such as LinkedIn.

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